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June 03 2015

Whenever I check the logs of our app

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In Alaska ist ein Kater seit 15 Jahren Bürgermeister einer Ortschaft und siehe da, der Tourismus boomt seither! Leute mit der simplen Logik wie der Ihren würden nun folgern, dass der Kater offenbar extrem talentiert sein muss, denn wie sonst könnte er den Ort zu einem Touristenmagnet machen?
Häupl: "Keine Koalition mit FPÖ in Wien" - SPÖ - derStandard.at › Inland
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My school is telling me that the shirt I wore to school today that said “legalize gay” is inappropriate. They told me that I need to put something over it, and that it is offensive. I refuse. I am a child of artificial insemination and I was raised my my two mothers. I am a strong advocate for the LGBT community and the fact that my school and others are offended by this is sickening. I just wanted to share this injustice with you guys .

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Der beste Weg um Tränen beim Schneiden von Zwiebeln zu vermeiden ist, keine emotionale Nähe zur Zwiebel aufzubauen.
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“gays will push their sexuality onto their children”

funny because that’s exactly what every straight person does.

“Look at little Emma and her future husband! SO cute!”
(literally two 3 month olds flailing on a baby mat)  

“Ooh, a friend? Is Samantha your GIRLFRIEND, Johnny?”
(4 year old boy expressing he has made a friend at school) 

“You’ve been friends with Michael for a while now haven’t you? Would you like to marry him when you’re older?”
(8 year old girl, male best friend)

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Dr. Hedheh og
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Make Love not Flüchtlingskontrolle 

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